Sculptor Carl Vanderheyden’s on an exciting new path!!!He’s Inviting Your Family, Friends and the World, to partner with him and God on a Global Mission:To invite the children of the world (young at heart too) to draw and share their “Perfectly Imperfect” Renditions of Jesus’ Horse.Revelations 19:11…. And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.Carl hopes to bring Global Attention to this exciting, real, impending event, via captivating, sculpted wall collages, that Jesus the Christ, the God of all creation, is preparing for His return.

He’s God,He’s Got A Horse, &He’s Coming Back

Jesus Christ (God) Truly is the “Life, and Light of the World”...Just as one candle can pass its flame to thousands more, our children’s drawings can inspire and ignite the faith of countless others as each light shines brighter, in this ever darkening world.Carl envisions global, family time, where children are encouraged to draw Jesus’ horse, all while learning more about Him, their Savior…Imagine, Create, and “Dis-Cover” an Exciting Life - Together.

Begin... Now...

Perfectly imperfect renditions

Draw - Snap your best Pic - and Upload

Carl’s looking to collect and display countless “Perfectly Imperfect” drawings of Jesus’ Horse from children “and adults” from around the world….These Masterpieces may be drawn using; Crayons, Markers, Pencils, Paint, Tablets, Mud, whatever they fancy…They sign their first name and age, snap a great pic, and upload…Since “All” are encouraged “To Become as a Little Child - For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven”, the “Young at Heart” must participate too!!!

Participants agree to have their
“Perfectly Imperfect” works used/displayed for all the world to enjoy.

Native American Indian war horse symbols, meanings, and colors varied from tribe to tribe…

Vengeance is Mine.Jesus Will Repay.Romans 12:19


Carl finished sculpting the legs on this steel horse one Saturday afternoon in 2018, took break, completely oblivious to a foreordained, life altering, revelation!He laid down (prone is his favorite position) turned the ceiling mounted TV on (why not?) “Just in Time” to catch an incredible PBS Special highlighting “Indian Relay”.Indian Relay is a sport widely enjoyed and practiced by men and women from tribal nations across the Rocky Mountain West, and is one of the most competitive, dangerous, and thrilling forms of horse racing practiced anywhere in the world today…Intrigued by the symbols painted on these magnificent horses, Carl did a little research… When he found that a “hand pat” on a horse’s hind quarter meant “Mission Accomplished” - Worlds Collided, and:“Jesus Has A Horse” - “Mission Accomplished” - was born…This horse, became Jesus’ Horse, peacefully grazing after their Victorious 2nd Coming Return…. These symbolic “Master’s Hand Pats” will no doubt be part of the children’s and Carl’s wall collages…After Carl’s wife Carol passed in 2019, Carl assessed his life, left his little world behind ( and moved to the High Mountain Desert of Utah - Western America - to be near his 3 married children and “Absolutely Adorable” grandchildren!Carl’s enjoying his new life, and inviting You, and all those You know, to Participate in Jesus’ Mission, “Our Mission”, “The Gathering of Isreal”… Giddy up!!!A few Native American horse symbol meanings:Hand pat on hip means “Mission Accomplished”…Front shoulder hand pat signified an oath of vengeance against an enemy…Right and left hand pats on chest signifies the horse knocked down an enemy…Left hand symbol on horses right hip Signified the “Highest Honor” and was “Reserved Exclusively” for the Horse who had Brought “His Master” Back Home from a Dangerous Mission “Unharmed”…. Even Jesus’ Horse…


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